Do you need Shadow diagrams for council, planning, court requirements ?

We can help..


We can prepare Shadow Plans, Shadow Elevations, Solar Access analysis for Mid Winter, Equinox and Summer solstice, typically between 9am, 12 noon, 3 pm or hourly.


Do you need a Solar Access Report ?







Working from your plans , survey, aerial images etc and in any format - digital , manual , sketch , we construct a 3D Model and cast accurate shadow diagrams, projecting as PLAN, Elevation or as a 3D View.


The diagrams clearly show existing shadows and overlay any additional shadows in a distinct and clear manner.

Typically we provide 9, 12, 5om shadows OR per hour shadows for the Winter Solstice (Mid Winter). Not quite as common anymore are the requirements for Summer Solstice and Equinox (March / Sept), however we can easily do these as well.


Shadow diagrams otherwise known as solar access or overshadowing diagrams are often required for planning permits shadow diagrams, council DA application Shadow Diagrams and other requirements.


We are highly skilled and all our work is overseen and managed by a registered architect. This in itself can be enourmously beneficial as the architect's careful eye for detail and experience can provide additional advice and service, often all as part of our shadow service.


Our system and workflow has been developed to enable the best quality service to you and be extremely affordable. Our shadows often cost as little as $380.


The following pages contain more information and then send thru your plans for an immediate contracted quote and delivery time.